Cycling in the beat of the music

Music-based interactions are studied on three different levels:

  • Motivation: The right kind of music at the right moment can improve enjoyment, decrease the risk of early dropout and get people fit and healthy.
  • Monitoring: Athletes and rehabilitation patients can get immediate auditive feedback on their movement, technique and balance during their training.
  • Modification: The movement of a person can be steered by subtly adapting the beat of the music, thereby improving technique and performance.

Prototypes of technology are already developed for running (D-Jogger), cycling (SoundBike) and trampoline jumping (Jump The Beat).

Music activates and develops motor, affective, social and cognitive functions. Our applications capitalize on this power of music to boost sports performance, rehabilitation, and social interaction.

Our applications provide a real-time and continuous transfer of motion parameters (cadence, pedal pressure, EMG activation,…) into sound and music. They now allow motivating, monitoring and modifying many forms of (rhytmical) physical activity.

Increased motivation: Training with the right, perfectly adapted music increases people’s motivation and enjoyment.

Smart adaptation: Musical parameters (tempo, pitch, dynamics) can be aligned with motion parameters (i.e. sonification).

Evidence based: The applications capitalize on fundamental knowledge on music-based interaction obtained through experimental research.

Professional adoption: Use of music by professional athletes and teams during training, matches, endurance records, time trials,…

Creating evidence-based tools: Developing an application for the general public, using music to improve motivation and performance.

Using music in medical rehabilitation training (e.g. during gait retraining).

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Prof. Dr. Marc Leman

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