Adapted performance sportswear

In this project, comfortable, fitted and functional (sports)wear is developed for population groups with body shapes and proportions different from the average population.

The aim is to gain better insight in anthropometric differences (average population versus various groups of athletes) and work out a methodology for translating this information effectively to the garment production.

We also explore the concept of compression, support and restriction of certain movements by employment of new and innovative elastic materials.

Sportswear is based on sizing tables developed on a basis of average body sizes and will therefore not fit population groups with body proportions categorically different from average (e.g. athletes from different sport disciplines, disabled people, etc.).

Sportswear meant to offer some support, to improve performance or to facilitate fast rehabilitation, requires an optimal contact with the skin(it has to fit perfectly).

The same is true for some intelligent textiles, monitoring particular physiological or biomechanics parameters.

This project results in knowledge about the body size and geometry of athletes, and the development of specific size tablesnew materials for compression clothing, new assessment methods of compression and comfort, and an affordable, new mobile system for 3D body scanning.

SME´s will better know their customers and will be able to offer them better, customized and functional products.

Athletes will benefit from more personalized clothing, thereby assisting them in their performance enhancement and injury prevention endeavors.

Dissemination of the project results towards the sport, textile and clothing industry.

Enable SMEs to plan a target-oriented and economical material input. Facilitate immediate implementationof the results at the end of the project.

Get better personalized sportswear on the market as soon as possible.

Prof. Dr. Lieva Van Langenhove
Alexandra De Raeve

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