Sports ID Marathon

A 24h open innovation event

We selected 9 challenges in the sports sector.

We brought together teams of people that were willing to work together for 24 hours in order to come up with an original solution.

We asked coaches to guide them through a process of brainstorming and idea selection.

We created a special atmosphere with a passion for sports technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

We invited a professional jury to evaluate the final pitches.

Sport clubs, start-ups, businesses, etc. often have challenges where they found creative solutions for

Students, entrepreneurs, researchers, etc. want to learn how to go to a process of creative problem solving.

All are willing to connect better, learn from each other, and get inspired by state of the art products and services.

The event brought together various stakeholders from the sports sector that would otherwise not meet.

People had fun during both the guided sessions as during the sport activities in- and outdoors.

Some innovative solutions where presented. One startup and one innovation project was created shortly after the event

It is our objective to organize a second event in 2017.

Dr. Kristof De Mey

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