Sport orientation tool for children

Based on our youth talent orientation expertise, individuals and teams can be screened on three different levels: abilities, preferences and motivation.

The children get to know the sports that suit them best based on their motor skills and movement preferences.

An immediate visualization of results is available in our platform and can be compared with group average or with benchmarks from research.

Children have more fun when performing the sport they like AND are naturally talented for. This limits their chances for early dropout and accompanied lack of physical activity.

A personalized orientation to specific sports will help children of the age of 8 to 10 years to choose the best suitable sport!

Seeing the bigger picture:¬†Testing both abilities and preferences creates awareness about children’s potential.

Diversity: Over 40 different sports are included in the tests.

Evidence based: Validated by multiple PhDs and over 50 international peer-reviewed publications.

Develop a digital platform for specific orientation to sports clubs in Flanders.

Increase the scale: implementation in and beyond Flanders: testing all children (8-9y) in Belgium, Europe and worldwide.

Finding a suitable sport for every child to reach our ultimate goal: a physically active lifestyle for life.

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Prof. Dr. Matthieu Lenoir

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