Online learning tool for invasion games

InGame is an online learning tool for invasion games based on the pedagogical expertise of practitioners and researchers at Ghent University.

It currently contains content for basketball and handball.

It is used by > 1000 Belgian physical education teachers, students and coaches.

In contrast to traditional approaches, InGame uses small sided games to teach skills and tactics simultaneously. This leads to better learning opportunities and greater satisfaction.

This instructional approach, however, was not easily accessible in a practical online tool.

The website facilitates teachers’ and trainers’ insights into how to instruct invasion games.

It provides specific information on how to adjust the game to the individual capacities of the players using video-clips and exercises.

This in-depth and step-by-step approach, implemented into an online platform, is still unique in the field (most of the current available tools only provide sets of individual exercises or games).

There is a need to elaborate the tool and include contemporary functionalities such as social media, gamification techniques, community building, etc.

The content should be translated into English to facilitate global use.

Several functionalities such as an assessment tool, homework applications, a mobile version for use on the court, etc. could make it even more innovative and appealing to teachers and trainers.

Prof. Dr. Frederik Deconinck

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