Load monitoring platform

A platform to monitor load and prevent overuse injuries in jump-landing sports.

This project aims to develop user-friendly techniques for load monitoring in jump-landing sports in collaboration with Volley Vlaanderen.

More specifically, personalized training diaries will be documented in an online platform, Panega Sports, to make an accurate estimation of player-specific fluctuations in training load during the entire season in order to continuously monitor load and prevent overuse injuries.

To account for individual specific risk factors for developing overuse injuries a jump related biomechanical and physical screening will be performed within the project.

Overuse injuries are highly reported in sports with repetitive, high-load jump-landing activities (e.g. volleyball and basketball). To tackle these injuries from the start, adequate monitoring of training load (as part of a multifactorial personalized risk assessment) throughout the entire season seems essential to observe player-specific fluctuations in perceived and objective load.

Expensive and advanced technology is often used for load monitoring, which makes implementation in a sports context challenging up to this day. In this project, user-friendly personalized training diaries are validated against this technology, and implemented in the context of sports in order to investigate the causal relationship between training load and the development of overuse injuries, with the ultimate goal of injury prevention.

  • Develop a user-friendly system without advanced technology for load monitoring
  • Get to know the players limits from the perspective of the coach versus player
  • Prevent overuse injuries in jump-landing sports

Develop adequate load monitoring techniques and integrate it into effective load management strategies in jump-landing sports.

Get insight in jump related biomechanical and physical risk factors for overuse injuries

Prof. Dr. Roel De Ridder

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