Technology for an active lifestyle

Based on end-user input, technologies for cycling and running are being developed by a consortium of partners (KU Leuven, Ghent University, IMEC Flanders and The Netherlands, Fontys Sporthogeschool and TU Eindhoven).

An open call has been launched for companies who want to participate in the project and ‘partner light’ collaborations have been set up.

Events such as networking nights, open field-lab days, a hackathon, etc. facilitate communication between stakeholders and the broader public.

Cycling and running are two sports with increased popularity, both on the competitive as recreational level.

Knowhow on sports technology and innovation in the south part of The Netherlands and the north part of Belgium (Flanders) has not yet been brought together in a larger platform, thereby profiling the region as ‘sport innovator’.

Current available technologies do not fully meet the needs of the end-users (athletes, coaches, trainers, therapists, etc.).

The new technologies will be innovative on the level of sensor, data communication, analytics and user implementation level.

Current sport infrastructure will benefit from a living lab approach in which sport professionals work closely together with scientists and companies in creating new products and services.

Sport companies and startups will be able to create new ventures based on the prototypes developed during the project.

Specific cycling and running use cases are defined based on interviews with various stakeholders. These relate to on-the-bike feedback during cycling and low impact running technology.

Specific Nano4Sports communication channels are created so people can be kept up to date about the project.

Companies and startups focusing on innovation in sports are contacted in order to implement their input from the start.

Prof. Dr. Dirk De Clercq
Prof. Dr. Philip Roosen
Prof. Dr. Marc Leman
Prof. Dr. Jan Vanfleteren
Dr. Philip Leroux

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