Who we are

Victoris is a consortium of experts at Ghent University in the field of sports technology and innovation. It is one of the 22 Ghent based business centers supported by the Industrial Research Fund. The main focus of this group can be found on the crossroad of sports, movement & rehab sciences and markets as digital, sportswear and nutrition.

The ‘single point of contact’ principle of the consortium makes it an easy opportunity for all to ask questions regarding upcoming R&D projects, the creation of new sport products or services (B2B and B2C) or any other question related to the transfer of knowledge between our institution and the sports sector.

What we do

Victoris facilitates knowledge transfer activities and research collaborations with industrial companies, start-ups, research institutions, clubs, federations, etc. Collaborations take shape as R&D contract research, subsidized innovation projects, licensing of IP, or other cooperative schemes.

Many of our work is done at the Sport Science Laboratory – Jacques Rogge.

Research projects

We set up industrial collaborations or partnerships from short-term contracts to long-term projects.


We bring new products and services to the market together with industry, or as a spin-off.


We offer professional advice and testing for both scientific and clinical purposes.


We organize sports-related symposia to spread knowledge and innovations.

How we work

  • Let's connect

    Who are you & who are we? What´s the state of the art? What are your ambitions?

  • Scope

    Let’s define precisely what should be done in order to spend every dollar right.

  • Finance

    What’s the cost and how to finance this possible collaboration?

  • Agree

    Can we come to an agreement on content, form and financial aspects?

  • Start

    We go for it, every single day, Together with you or as a service. We deliver on time, as agreed.

Our core expertise

We believe in the power of ICT and multimedia when talking about innovation in sports. Our team consists of people active in typical sports science disciplines with active involvement by those specialized in wearables, apps, analytics, etc.

A variety of technologies can be used in the framework of R&D projects for shoes, insoles, garments, smart textiles, etc. We could also be your partner for the validation aspect: does it actually work?

Our sport science laboratory is one of the leading facilities in beta-alanine supplementation studies. We also optimize strategies for nutritional interventions in athletes and develop novel dietary supplements for sport and health purposes.

Get in touch

Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding upcoming R&D projects, the creation of new sport products or services, organization of events, or any other question related to sports innovation. Victoris is your single point of contact, giving access to our universities research laboratories and know-how.