Victoris represents more than 40 researchers active in a diversity of sport topics, enabling a multidisciplinary approach to your challenges. The final goal of each member of the consortium is to support athletes in the best possible way by creating products & services based on science. In order to realize this objective, we seek partnerships with companies, start-ups, clubs, federations, government, etc.

The mission is to bridge the gap between science and practice by helping people in the creation of products and services that do not yet exist. For a quick answer to all your questions, you can contact sports technology and business developer Kristof De Mey (single point of contact).

Why partner with us?

Ghent University is at the forefront of sport and rehabilitation research world wide. More than 40 researchers are exploring a wide range of biomechanical parameters, motor learning strategies, training methods, rehabilitation and injury prevention tools, engineering and analytic innovations and nutritional and psychological interventions.

Victoris is the ‘single point of contact’ for anyone outside the Ghent University to ask questions regarding upcoming R&D projects, the creation of new sport products or services (B2B and B2C) or any other suggestion related to the transfer of knowledge between academia and the sports sector. So, why partner with us?

Quick and direct access to world class expertise and research facilities
Honest partner for advice & service related to sports and innovation
Competitive advantage in creating products and services that work (evidence based)
Big help in project writing and networking on national and international levels






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