Lower Impact Running

Technology for a healthy running lifestyle

A measurement device attached to the lower leg registers with high accuracy the impact shock at foot contact.

The measured impacts are translated into real-time audio feedback for the runner.

The audio feedback uses music to facilitate a self-adapted running style with reduced impact in a pleasant, motivational way.

Running speed control is embedded in the solution.

Distance running is a popular leisure-time physical activity, but many runners encounter overuse injuries.

Some injuries are related to high impact loads and lead to demotivation and early dropout.

Some current running wearables are able to measure impact loads, but embedded bio-feedback remains an issue.

Real-time feedback
The real-time audio feedback allows for immediate adaptation and improvement of the running style.

Fewer injuries
Reduction of the impact load thanks to an improved running style can lead to fewer injuries and associated demotivation or dropout.

Accurate information
Precise measurement of the impact load of runners is available in real-time for doctors, coaches, physios, etc.

Combined biomechanical gait analysis will provide insights in impact reduction techniques. Follow-up of large cohorts will unravel effects on prevalence of distance running injuries.

Product development
Focusing on commercial hardware and software development based on the technical proof-of-concept.

Defining the best possible route to market and attracting one or more license partners for further commercialization.

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Em. prof. dr. Dirk De Clercq

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