Wireless Cycling Network

A dashboard to support coaches of track cyclists in analyzing and visualizing real-time sensor data.

The main goals are:

To develop a user-friendly dashboard to support coaches in monitoring their athletes during indoor cycling, and to be able to capture, analyze and visualize sensor data.

To use all available ANT+ enabled sensors of the athletes (power, cadence, heart rate,…) and capture them in different zones on the track using off-the-shelf hardware.

To develop an innovative signal strength-based methodology to perform localization.

To build tools to automatically detect and evaluate specific events (e.g. madison change) and identify outliers.

Coaches lose a lot of time in querying, combining and analyzing the large amount of wearables & video data of their athletes.

Furthermore, real-time access to this data is mostly not possible, limiting its use during training (when it is most valuable).

  • Improved data collection: ANT+ sensor data will be collected in an efficient and user-friendly manner.
  • Better athlete guidance: Coaches will be supported in the real-time monitoring/analysis of their riders.
  • Generic solution: The hardware set-up and dashboard could be used for other sports too (with minor modification).
  • Research on receiving ANT+ sensor data, on correlations between sensor data and position on the track and on quality assessment of a technical execution.
  • A fully functional dashboard with all the extra features on outliers, location, quality assessment‚Ķ and a detailed guide for the hardware setup.
  • Develop new features such as real-time feedback, and add new insights in the tool based on sensor and data integrations, thereby increasing the relevance to the rider.

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Prof. Dr. Steven Verstockt

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