Sports Tech Research Network

Sports Tech Research Network (STRN) connects the most innovative Sports, Tech & Business scientists with each other and with research-driven industry or non-profit representatives.

It facilitates multi-disciplinary collaborations, resulting in new and valuable products & services available on the market.

The idea to create this network started shortly after the first Sports Tech Transfer and R&D Summit organized in Ghent (Belgium) in October 2018. It’s also inspired by the 2017-2020 EU-INTERREG project Nano4Sports in which academic and industry partners developed various new technologies on the basis of multidisciplinary R&D (results of the project are summarized in this magazine).

However, the project is mainly driven by the passion to bring together the best experts from around the globe, in order to create new and exciting projects which at first hand did not seem possible. In that sense, the initiative is the result of both skeptical as well as optimistic thinking.

Networking between disciplines and sub-sectors within sports can generate various advantages to people who’d consider to join the network:

  • Learning faster

    Connect with key opinion leaders and stay up-to-date in a time efficient manner on the latest sports research and development projects, prototypes, events, etc.

  • Profiling higher

    Increase the communication around your projects, latest findings & corresponding challenges in order to attract new commercial or non-commercial partners

  • Impacting stronger

    Make a change! Increase the societal and economic impact of your work by effectively tackling one or more challenges the sports sector is facing


The goal with this project is to create a global network of open-minded and entrepreneurial academics, research driven professionals within industry and evidence-based practitioners within sports who are interested in:

  • Bringing more research to the health, performance or business sports market
  • Improving the effectiveness of sports technologies for various target groups
  • Sharing best practices when it comes to collaborative R&D, tech transfer, impact creations, technology implementation, etc.

In order to realize our goals, we’re building a membership based platform so people can benefit from our content, events, masterclasses, etc.

In the longer run, we aim to create a structural partnership and accompanied business model which makes it possible to grow and mature the network given its international focus.

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