Ghent and Brussels University spin-off on injury prevention and performance monitoring

SpartaNova was founded in July 2010 with both private as university investments. The mission of the company is to bring sports science into practice by taking the best available evidence on injury prevention, rehabilitation, training and monitoring of athletes, and translating it into an expert online tool for professionals and field practitioners.

Ghent and Brussels University research groups have extensive know-how on injury screening and prevention, rehabilitation and training monitoring.

Researchers, together with entrepreneurs took the initiative in 2008 to set up a spin-off company called SpartaNova.

Physical therapists, sports medical centers, clubs, etc. now have direct access to the latest evidence, and this in a user friendly online tool.

An expert community of professionals that share their experiences and insights is built, bringing together knowledge and experience from the field.

SpartaNova also reaches out to the athletes themselves, with the main objective to secure life-long activity and well-being, supported by the expert community.

The goal of the spin-off is to continuously improve the platform both on the level of content as on the level of usability.

SpartaNova is always looking for new partnerships with science and field experts in order to further integrate insights from new research and expertise, allowing constant fine-tuning and updating the system.

The ultimate goal is that experts keep on learning and growing as a professional, with the final objective to help their athletes to reach their absolute best.

Prof. Dr. Matthieu Lenoir
Prof. Dr. Erik Witvrouw

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