Beta-alanine supplementation

Strategies to improve the effectiveness of beta-alanine supplementation

Research on the determinants influencing the loading protocol (e.g. effect of training, meal coingestion)

Unravel the involved metabolic pathways in the beta-alanine metabolism

The use of dietary supplements in sport is widespread since athletes are continuously searching for strategies to increase performance at the highest level.

Chronic oral beta-alanine supplementation is a popular ergogenic strategy in sports as it can increase intracellular carnosine concentration and subsequently improve performance of high-intensity exercises.

The project helps to find better ways to delay fatigue from high-intensity exercise.

We gain deeper insight in why Beta-alanine is one of the few dietary supplements that really has performance-enhancing effects in athletes.

We build a better understanding about which factors determine the loading process as well as what the mechanisms are by which this has an ergogenic effect (e.g. intramuscular pH buffer and calcium regulation by carnosine).

Creating better guidelines for optimal use of ergogenic supplements

Valorization of new findings possibly leading to better products available on the market

Performing research and development of new dietary supplements in collaboration with industry

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Prof. Dr. Wim Derave

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