Exergaming for youth rehabilitation and exercise training purposes

A software is developed consisting of two exergames and a platform allowing both the child and the coach to monitor progress. This software package consists of a gross motor and fine motor skills exergame, supported by high-tech motion tracking.

Coaches and therapists can select the games with the desired level of difficulty and remotely monitor the children’s progress.

Children and adolescents often need exercise therapy within the rehabilitation protocol for a particular pathology that they have.

A lack of physical activity is related to unhealthy behavior and accompanied physical condition.

Exergaming – which combines exercise and gaming – has the potential to increase motivation and compliance in rehab and general exercise training.

Current technologies lack motivation psychology insights. As a physical therapist or trainer, it is also impossible to follow-up the progression on the exercise program, and control for proper exercise execution through an e-environment.

By designing motivational exergames and tracking systems that can be easily be modified so that they are tailored to each child, the effectiveness of these interventions may increase.

The ultimate goal is to make rehab and training more fun, thereby increasing health benefits for the child.

The goal of this iMinds ICON project is to create of proof-of-concept for the games, dashboard and tracking systems.

The various academic and industrial partners in the project, are seeking for further investments in their initial developments

Prof. Dr. Peter Veelaert

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