The accessible web browser that provides you with the most suitable cycling, running or walking route and many more features.

BAS-X aims to allow as many people (45+) as possible to spend a basic number of active hours per week outdoors through the 3 most popular activities: running, cycling and walking.

It offers you a suitable route at the starting point of your choice. Whether you’re a cyclist, walker or runner, whether you’re in excellent shape or getting started at improving your physical condition… at any location. There’s no¬†need to install an app or buy an extra device (GPS, wearable…). BAS-X will also “nudge” you in order to convince you to go outside and follow a route on a regular basis.

  • It offers suitable recreational routes according to your preferences
  • It’s accessible through the browser on your smartphone
  • Map rotation, turn-by-turn instructions and sound instructions are available
  • Weather conditions and sports trends are informed to the users.
  • Users can check their routes in the bucket list


BAS-X wants to encourage people to exercise more in an easy and accessible way.

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Prof. Dr. Steven Verstockt

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