SpartaNova – Hylyght

Evidence-based talent identification.

Hylyght builds tools for experts and keeps a strong focus on these topics:

  • Injury Prevention screening
  • Rehab & Return to Sport screening
  • Talent Identification & Development
  • Maturity & growth in young athletes

The platform supports an approach based on science but leaves room to integrate the expertise and longterm vision of each client. This results in an interesting blend of field experience & an urge to experiment reinforced by hard figures and scientific insights.

SpartaNova was founded in July 2010 with both private as university investments. The mission of the company was to bring sports science into practice by taking the best available evidence on injury prevention, rehabilitation, training and monitoring of athletes, and translating it into an expert online tool for professionals and field practitioners.

Hylyght is the relaunch of SpartaNova, Ghent University and Brussels University spin-off. Building on its strong academic foundation, Hylyght offers evidence-based knowledge but also leaves plenty of room for the in-house expertise of their clients.

  • Evidence-based suggestions delivered on a secured and flexible digital platform
  • Room for the own accents and experience of each of the customers
  • Clear workflows in testing and data collection
  • Insightful and graphic reporting
  • Ready for any quantitative parameter the customer wants to track

Hylyght wants to support the vision of every club, federation, physiotherapist or hospital on screening, testing and data collection; relying on their insights and filling the unknowns with scientifically backed data.

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Prof. Dr. Matthieu Lenoir, Prof. Dr. Erik Witvrouw, Prof. Dr. Johan Pion

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