Smart clothing & gamification to promote energy-related behaviours among adolescents

EU – ICT Innovation Action to promote more physical activity and less sedentary behaviour among European adolescents. The project includes universities, research institutes and Small and Medium Enterprises from Portugal, Spain, Germany and Belgium.

A mobile serious game will be developed that requires lower body movement and is personalised by physiological feedback that is measured by a smart textile.

With regard to the prevention of non-communicable diseases and unhealthy lifestyle conditions, various health interventions which to date have had limited success, need to be better implemented among adolescents.

Exergames may lead to high preference and enjoyment, high compliance and long sustained activity behaviour. Yet, effectiveness studies currently show inconclusive results and so far exergames do not reach their optimal potential.

Dynamic tailoring in serious exergames is still rare, yet, shows a promising strategy to promote physical activity among adolescents.

Smart textile adaptations are a promising solution to personalize the physical activity level of the individual player and differentiate between moderate and vigorous physical activity levels.

The exergame will not imply screen time, and requires lower body movement to encourage moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and reduce sedentary behavior leading to health benefits

Develop and implement an individually tailored, evidence-based and engaging gamification tool to promote moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, fitness and reduce sedentary behaviour among European adolescents, by using feedback from smart textiles.

Prof. Dr. Greet Cardon

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