A beat for each step

Personalised and contextualised music selection and playback for walking and running, each beat perfectly aligned with the step.  Beats resonate through the body, in sync with the cadence

The D-Jogger system is very adaptable and supports different music alignment strategies for different goals, several cadence sensors and multiple playlists for use in different research fields.

The concept of tempo-adaptive music has led to the European project Beathealthresearching the technology on large scale in ecological settings.

Music can help in exercise and sport to enhance physical activity enjoyment, motivation and performance. Synchronized music has been shown to enhance some of these effects, but synchronizing often requires a conscious effort of the participant.

Music in rehabilitation is often used as a motivational tool. Some patients may benefit from repetitive stimuli at the right frequency (metronomes). Music at the right tempo shows great potential and automating tempo- and music selection could greatly benefit this population.

Subliminal influence on runners’ cadence: manipulate runners into faster or slower cadence – get attracted to the most healthy or efficient cadence – the new continuous power song for runners.

Improved running economy: synchronized music could lead to a more efficient and synchronized breathing pattern, lowering energy consumption during workouts.

Available for all: automatic synchronisation allows rhythmic insensitive persons and people with walking disabilities to enjoy the benefits of synchronized music.

Interactive auditory cueing for e.g. Parkinson patients: increases general gait parameters, such as stride length, cadence and velocity without introducing a double task to synchronize, whilst using familiar and motivating songs.

Further research and development into human-computer synchronization and entrainment.

Finding optimal training and rehabilitation music, both for efficacy and enjoyment.

Using the developed technology and expertise in different domains and fields (e.g. SoundBike).

The European Beathealth project, based on D-Jogger, continues the fundamental research and tries to make the technology available for rehabilitation centres.

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Prof. Dr. Marc Leman

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