Get Fit 2 Sport

Primary sports injury prevention in Flemish young sportsmen

Commissioned by the Flemish Government, Ghent University develops (in cooperation with Flemish sports actors) the sports injury prevention program “Get Fit 2 Sport”.

By means of a so-called “waterfall-system”, with sports trainers and teachers as most important mediators, Get Fit 2 Sport will reach young sportsmen (12-22y) in Flanders.

The implementation of Get Fit 2 Sport will be evaluated with the REAIM method.

Although sports is fun and healthy, it often leads to musculoskeletal injuries. The odds of getting injured can be significantly reduced through primary sports injury prevention.

It´s important to teach young sportsmen the principles of sports injury prevention.

The backbone of the program, already proven by our research to be effective in multi-sports populations, are mainly basic intrinsic strategies making it applicable for all sports.

Sportsmen should be autonomously motivated, aided by the concepts of the self-determination theory, to perform injury prevention exercises correctly and continued.

Sports injury incidences in Flanders will probably be reduced, and this will be evaluated by prospective injury registrations.

By means of a gradual built-up (with differentiation for sports discipline and physical level), Get Fit 2 Sport is easily accessible for all young sportsmen.

Due to the waterfall-system, this project is sustainable over time.

Prospective injury registrations will provide up-to-date information regarding sports injury incidences in young sportsmen in Flanders.

To create visual material for better dissemination of the project results.

To reach all young sportsmen (12-22y) in Flanders, both in organized and non-organized sporting activities.

To decrease sports injury incidence in young sportsmen in Flanders.

Prof. Dr. Dirk De Clercq

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