Feedback app for bike and running tracks

Collecting user feedback by means of a gamification-based app

The app is developed on top of the mapping technology of RouteYou (a provider of recreational navigation Software as a Service).

Users can “check-in” and “check-out” at start- and endpoint positions and do a logging of their activities, give feedback and explore additional information about personalized highlights (points of interest – POI) on their loop. These spatio-temporal POIs are collected with our geographic media analysis tools and the user history/profile feeds the recommendation algorithms.

Wisdom of the Crowd principles are used to make users aware about others’ performance and feedback. This assures the geospatial data quality in our system (we motivate them to take the decisions of others into account while submitting data).

Crowdsourced feedback at the micro level of bike and running tracks is needed to create more valuable statistics, improve quality, and user satisfaction.

Different types of media exist to explore bike and running tracks. The route exploration, however, is still too ‘glocal’ and does not take into account the routes’ specific and dynamic spatio-temporal characteristics.

Classical map-reporter ticketing systems require high manual effort (-> time consuming), are performed mostly as an offline process, and do not provide direct feedback.

The app makes it possible to monitor the user satisfaction and terrain conditions of recreational cycling and running loops.

Our platform generates very relevant data for local municipalities and sport-related organizations. In this way, we provide them with valuable insight (e.g., heatmaps, popularity, statistics) into their recreational cycling and running loops.

To perform additional usability studies with the target group to trace which route-specific information users want to share and explore.

To combine/enrich the feedback data with other data sources (weather, mobility, etc.) and perform spatio-temporal analyses to generate insightful visualizations for a variety of stakeholders.

Prof. Dr. Steven Verstockt

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