How to improve motivational teaching and coaching with the help of video?

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Every Physical Education teacher wants to encourage their students to do enough exercise and have fun with it. But what’s the right way of creating that effect? It’s a delicate and important task/skill of the modern physical education teacher to influence young children to strive for a physically active and healthy lifestyle. So how could we do this in a more effective way?

Research derived from Self-Determination Theory (SDT) shows that students who are more autonomously motivated, are also more physically active in their leisure time. Physical Education teachers thus face the challenge to foster autonomous motivation in their students through the adoption of a motivating style.

The benefits of an autonomy-supportive and structured motivating style together with motivating strategies such as positive feedback, empathy, giving the students a choice and rationale provision, have been demonstrated by hundreds of studies!

V-observer, an online environment to optimize your motivation skills.

V-observer is created through research funding from the Flemish Research Foundation and has been implemented by the Sport Pedagogy Research Group at the Department of Movement and Sports Sciences at Ghent University, led by Prof. Leen Haerens.

V-observer is an online environment in which pre-service and in-service physical education teachers can identify opportunities to optimize their motivating style.

All they have to do is fill out a questionnaire and film themselves while teaching a class. The validated questionnaire provides a personalized profile of the teacher’s motivating style. With these results they can tag concrete situations in the videos who represent the (de-)motivating style of the teacher.

It allows to identify their strengths and areas for improvement to optimize their motivating style. The tool is also very useful for pre-service teachers to reflect on their motivating style during internships.

Supplementary to the existing workshops, V-observer exists of a more intensive and personalized screening and training.

Interested in V-observer?

  • The next step is to find a sustainable business model for the continued improvement and implementation of the tool.
  • The team is still searching for partners who can help them improving the quality and effectivity of motivational coaching and teaching. In case you’d be interested to know more, let us know and you’ll hear back from us soon.

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