Prof. Dr. Jan Vanfleteren


Department of Electronics and information systems /
Centre for Microsystems Technology

Jan Vanfleteren received his PhD degree in electronic engineering from Ghent University, Belgium in 1987. He is currently a Senior Engineer with the Center for Microsystems Technology Group (CMST) of Imec, and is involved in the development of novel interconnection, assembly, and polymer microsystem technologies, especially for wearable and implantable electronics, biomedical, microfluidics, cell culturing, and tissue engineering applications. He is a Project Manager at CMST, where he has a long-standing experience in coordination and cooperation in EC-funded projects. In 2004, he became a part-time Professor with Ghent University. He is the co-author of over 200 papers in international journals and conferences. He holds 14 patents and patent applications. He is a member of IEEE, IMAPS and MRS.

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