Gillette World Sport at Sport Science Laboratory – Jacques Rogge

February 2016, we were contacted by the producer of the world’s longest running and most widely distributed sports show “Gillette World Sport”. It is made by the UK’s expert sport programme maker ‘Sunset+Vine’:

The team was making a second season of “Gillette World Sport”, broadcasting a show every single week throughout 2016. The aim of the show is to focus on the precision training and preparation that elite athletes do prior to competition. They profile professional athletes, film training sessions, look at sport science facilities and cover huge sporting events.

The team saw our ‘Sport Science Laboratory – Jacques Rogge’ video on YouTube and wanted to get in touch. Shortly after, Aaron Young and Ben Cox of Sunset+Vine’ visited our facilities and made an in-depth look at some of the innovative equipment and expertise that is present there. This video is the result of their one-day-shoot.

Jacques Rogge, sport lab

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