Ghent University is seeking an Innovation Officer ‘Smart Microsystems for Sports- & MedTech’.

The importance of coherence between the MedTech and SportsTech market.

The MedTech market is booming, driven by the demographics, aging population, increase of chronic diseases and enabled by new technologies. The SportsTech market is small in comparison, but equally growing strong. Wearable Devices is one of the biggest markets within SportsTech and the strongest growing market after data analytics. There is a clear technological overlap with medical wearables, cfr. Apple Watch. These markets are supported at Ghent University by two market driven business development centers, Victoris and MedTeg

In Victoris, a team of experts at Ghent University in the field of sports technology and innovation, we are looking for collaborations on the intersection of Sports and MedTech. We mainly focus on the crossroad of sports, movement and rehab sciences and markets as digital, sportswear and nutrition and see this new trend of devices being validated better as has been done before. 

Together with the strong research activity in the field of microsystems, in particular in the Photonics Research Group (PRG, part of the NB-Photonics business development center) and the Center for Microsystems Technology (CMST, part of the e-poly center), these four centers collaborate to strengthen multi-disciplinary research in this area and its exploitation.

Ghent University in pole position to initiate innovation.

That’s why Ghent University is seeking for a motivated staff member to strengthen these business development centers in the development of innovative technologies within the domain of Smart Microsystems for Sports- & Medtech.

Ghent University stimulates the commercialization of innovative knowledge and technology. The Business Developers support the development of research results into licensable technology, to set-up industrial partnerships and to license and create spin-off companies.

The new Innovation Officer will have a key role in stimulating and facilitating multi-disciplinary interaction within Ghent University in this field, in close collaboration with the Business Developers of the 4 above mentioned centers. The Innovation Officer will detect new opportunities for innovation with a potentially major economic and societal impact, will initiate and shape research projects towards a proof-of-concept and higher Technology Readiness Level and will acquire research funding for these projects.

On the longer term, this position will enable you to build an extensive network of academic partners in a number of research areas and to obtain a deep understanding of the value chain in the corresponding industries and markets.


If you want to join the Sports and MedTech R&D and commercialization team at Ghent University, you can apply until the 7th of July, 23:59 (Brussels time). More information about the vacancy and how to apply can be found here.

We’re looking forward to see your application coming in and hope to meet you soon!

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