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What is Victoris?

It’s not the first time we hear the question: ‘What is Victoris actually doing?’, and it will probably not be the last time. Is it fully focused on sports technology? And does it belong to Ghent University or is it a separate company? In this blog & video you get all the answers and more!

Thanks to the students of KDG Hogeschool, Nxt Media Technology

Victoris is a multidisciplinary group of Ghent University researchers and clinical specialists, with a special focus on sports technology and innovation. It is one of the 22 Ghent based business centers supported by the Industrial Research Fund. The main focus of this group can be found on the crossroad of sports, movement & rehab sciences and markets as digital, sportswear and nutrition. So it all depends on how to define ‘technology’.

Sports science is an established scientific field with rigorous research methods covering expertise from a broad range of disciplines in a multi-disciplinary setting. Let it be beneficial for all.

– Jacques Rogge, former president of the IOC.

We share this opinion so we facilitate knowledge transfer activities and research collaborations with industrial companies, start-ups, research institutions, clubs, federations, etc. Our main mission is to bridge the gap between science and practice by helping people in the creation of products and services that do not yet exist.

At the heart of Victoris is business developer Kristof De Mey. With his PhD in sports physical therapy, he combines a deep understanding of the field with an extensive network in the sports technology and innovation domain. He is the single point of contact whom you can ask all your questions regarding upcoming R&D projects, the creation of new sport products or services (B2B and B2C) or any other question related to the transfer of knowledge between our institution and the sports sector.

Over the years, Bruno D’Hulster and Elise Van der Stichelen entered the team. Bruno is a social entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in digital transformations, management consulting and innovation. His driver is to implement smart products in the non-profit sector, based on scientific evidence with new funding mechanisms. Elise is the youngest member of the team and supports our communication actions. Meaning the planning and creation of blogs, social media content and newsletters, and she helps organizing events. More information about the team you can find in this blog.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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