Two-day Health & Bio Tech Conference inside iconic Wintercircus

On 20 – 21 March, the recently renovated Wintercircus in Ghent will host The Summit: a two-day conference on health, nutrition, stress, sports and technology. The Summit is part of FTI (Flanders Technology & Innovation), and is bringing together a great mix of research centers, private partners, government and citizens!

With renowned scientists, entrepreneurs and other health & bio tech leaders flying in from all across the world, The Summit will be an extraordinary spot to amass knowledge, insights and business cards.

Ghent University endorses the conference as one of the founding partners, and given the focus on all things health and sports, the Victoris consortium is happy to be involved in both preparing for as joining the event.

The program

The program includes lectures, keynotes, debates, art, food, and more, featuring (inter)national thinkers, entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians and artists.

  • Wednesday 20 March is all about Health Tech, Sports and Prevention, with speakers such as Matthew Walker, Karel Sabbe, Peter Peumans and Senne Bonnaerens. The latter now the CEO of OnTracx, a Ghent University spin-off focusing on smart mechanical load management for runners. Victoris’ business developer Kristof De Mey will also join one of the sessions, just as will Sanne Stegen from GRAY.
  • Thursday 21 March is more dedicated to Health, Bio, and Food Tech, including talks by Koen Kas, Chris Van Hoof and Evi Van Acker.

The Venue

Built in 1885, the “New Circus” was built with the purpose of entertainment: several circus companies gave year-round performances in the building, even during winter. In 1920 the building was heavily damaged due to a fire, and was reconstructed thereafter. After World War II the circus interior was altered for good, as car mechanic Ghislain Mahy bought and transformed the building into a car workshop. The workshop continued its activities until 1978, after which the Wintercircus was used as a depot for vintage cars. 

Fast forward to 2024: the building reopens again to the public after 5 year of intensive renovations. Innovating start-ups and scale-ups will breathe new life into the former workshops and share their knowledge in the meeting rooms or the auditorium during lectures and presentations. The underground level will house a concert hall seating 500 spectators. A perfectly grand and unique setting for the FTI two-day conference!


Tickets for the event can be booked through the website of FTI. If you’re still in doubt whether to book a ticket, we have a discount code for you! The first 10 registrants who use the code SPORTSTECH10 will get 10% off their ticket price.

If freeing up a whole day is difficult, The Talks could be a good alternative. The Talks are aimed at a wider audience, and are organized Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening.

With that. We hope to see you there!

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