Prof. Dr. Nico Van de Weghe


Department of Geography /

Nico Van de Weghe is a professor in Geomatics at the Department of Geography. He is one of the two full-time professors in the CartoGIS research group In this group, both fundamental and applied research on various aspects of cartography and GIS are conducted.

Consequently, Nico Van de Weghe is specialized in the tracking of moving objects; visualizing, analyzing and modeling of spatiotemporal information; and cognition and linguistics of moving objects. These moving objects might be dancers or soccer/basketball players but might also be cars at a transportation network and visitors of mass-events.

It is within the strand of sports analytics, that he aims to give an added value, based on his experience within the GIScience domain. In order to do so, he is adapting and fine-tuning GIScience techniques such as moving flocks algorhitms, QTC (qualitative trajectory calculus), space-time cube, and CTM (Continuous Triangular Model).

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