The ‘Sports Tech Research Network’ (STRN) initiative, what are the latest insights?

With STRN, we closely follow the latest Sports Tech research for you! Not only from Ghent University, but worldwide. With the network initiative, we offer several webinars, bi-weekly podcasts and blog articles on Sports Tech. We try to connect with relevant partners and try to bring new activities, such as matchmaking events and masterclasses. If you want to be updated once a month about all our content, subscribe to our dedicated newsletter by leaving your email address here. Below we briefly summarize what new insights we’ve gained in the last few weeks.

Understanding the key insights from a sports technology and/or innovation research paper in 1 infographic consisting of 5 nicely designed images.

These days, there is an increasing need for openness and collaboration in research, but disciplinary boundaries still (partly) restrict this. The following framework showcases the practices concerning conceptualisation, exploration, and documentation related to Open Innovation in Science. The use of it could result in proposals, shared datasets, science-based innovations, and a wide scientific and societal impact.

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Measuring biomechanical loads and their impact in sports: from lab to field.

Plenty of different methods for measuring biomechanical loads already exist. Despite some of these are quite accurate in the lab, there is still a lack of validated methods and technologies on the field. The infographic of this blog gives a clear overview of the existing methods and their effectiveness for measuring tissue loads, structural loads, or whole-body loads.

We’ve provided you with already 20 episodes of our STRP, Sports Tech Research Podcast!

Here’s a summary of the last 4 episodes of STRP.

  1. Tom Jelliffe is the founder of Tzuka, a start-up that will launch its durable earphones very soon. In this episode, he told the story behind his company and product innovation.

2. Sam Robertson is a professor of Sports Analytics, his research interests focus on the application of machine learning to sports problems and improving decision-making through analytics.

3. Kristof De Mey, here as interviewee and not as the host of his own podcast, talks about the different gaps he experiences and the opportunities for businesses, sports organizations and universities to collaborate. 

4. Marco Altini is a data scientist & entrepreneur, he gives us his unique perspective from the research, business, and entrepreneurship sides.

More interesting reads from the world of Sports Tech Research ?

Industry insights

Sports Tech World Series Chapter 4 on Athlete Performance & Tracking

Deloitte Predictions 2021: The hyper-quantified athlete

Find the key insights of the PwC’s Sports Survey 2020 here!

Research papers

The Validity and Reliability of Commercially Available Resistance Training Monitoring Devices: A Systematic Review

Kitman Labs Performance Intelligence Research Initiative has identified the most urgent needs confronting elite sports practitioners

 ? Comparison of the validity and reliability of local positioning systems against other tracking technologies in team sport: A systematic review

As you can see, with STRN we’re building on a much broader network of experts from both Academia, Industry and Sports, but with the same mission as within Victoris itself: creating, studying, bringing to market and implementing the most evidence based & effective sports innovations.

In case you’d like to be more involved within the STRN initiative or if you have an idea about a new project which might be relevant for Victoris and/or STRN, don’t hesitate to contact us here!

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