Exoligamentz is launching a short survey!

Exoligamentz is a Ghent University project in which an innovative sport glove is being developed. The glove supports your fingers to the confines of natural movements. The goal is also to limit the frequent taping of fingers before practice or competition.

As written in a previous blog post, a student’s idea resulted in a funded research and development project. In a first phase, the team designed an initial set of prototypes.

However, before continuing further developments, we would like to chart the problem and need on a larger scale. Our question to you is whether you’re willing to spend 5 minutes of your time to fill in some questions. We already received over 500 answers in the first 2 days! But we’re far from there.

In the end, this will help us to spend every dollar (euro) right, increasing the chances for developing something you really want and need.

So, do you practice sports and consider your fingers to be at risk for injury?

Check it out: tiny.cc/exoligamentz 

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