Elevating Sports and Health Innovation: the Project Setup Template

In the ever-evolving world of sports and health technology, collaboration is the name of the game, bringing together minds from academia, startups, and the sports/health sectors. However, this diversity, while beneficial, can also pose challenges in aligning everyone towards a common goal. To address this, the Sports Tech Research Network (STRN) has developed the ‘Project Setup Template,’ tailored for science-based innovations in sports and health technology.

The Challenge

Embarking on sports or health innovation requires a clear plan. The Project Setup Template streamlines communication and decision-making in multi-disciplinary teams, boosting efficiency and success potential.

Essential Components of the Template

  1. Outlining Scope
    Which sports or activities fall within the scope? Who are the key stakeholders involved?
  2. Identifying Obstacles
    What specific challenges is the project meant to address?

The Core Questions

At the heart of the Project Setup Template are its 10 pivotal questions or topics, each strategically crafted to lead teams through the critical facets of project development.

  1. People, Levels & Contexts:
    Identify the types of people, levels, and contexts involved.
  2. Needs & Requirements:
    Determine the underlying needs and requirements of the target group(s).
  3. Current Practices:
    Understand existing practices within the domain.
  4. Tech & Non-Tech Solutions:
    Explore both technological and non-technological solutions.
  5. Uncertainties & Research Questions:
    Address uncertainties and outline key research and innovation questions.
  6. Jobs to be Done:
    Define the tasks and objectives necessary for project success.
  7. Adoption, Implementation & Valorization Strategies:
    Develop strategies for adoption, implementation, and valorization of the project results.
  8. Disciplines, Teams & Partners:
    Identify the required disciplines, teams, and external partners.
  9. Resources, Funding & Collaboration Models:
    Plan for necessary resources, funding, and collaboration structures.
  10. Value Creation & Impact:
    Clearly articulate the targeted value creation and anticipated impact.

To conclude

The Project Setup Template acts as a guiding force for teams engaged in sports and health technology projects. By systematically addressing fundamental questions, teams can align efforts, navigate complexities, and enhance their chances for success.

Whether you’re a researcher, entrepreneur, or industry professional, this template offers a robust framework to steer your project towards tangible outcomes and impactful innovations in the world of sports and health technology. Of course, things will need further adaptation to fit within particular project calls. Nonetheless, it is our experience that it can be very useful in the initial stages of project setups.

Any Additional Thoughts?

We value your feedback in refining and improving this tool for the broader community. Download the Project Setup Template in either horizontal or vertical format, explore its potential, and contribute to the conversation by sharing your feedback through our Contact form. Your insights matter!

Download the Template here:

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