Becoming an Olympian in Sports Analytics / BOSA ’24

5-9 February 2024
Sportverblijf Sport Vlaanderen
Watersportbaan, Gent

Why Sports Analytics?

Data analysis in sports is definitely changing the game. Data analysis helps sports entities evaluate the performance of their athletes and assess the recruitment necessary to improve the team’s performance. It also evaluates the strong and weak areas of their opponents, enabling coaches to make the right decision on their tactics. But data is not only used in performance optimization. It is also used in the storytelling of the game and the safety monitoring of the athlete/venue.

About the event

The Becoming An Olympian In Sports Analytics (BOSA) Winter School focuses on each of these topics. The course is organized by the IDLab Sports Data Science teams of Ghent University and the University of Antwerp. It is a week-long intensive course bringing together junior and senior academics and practitioners in the field of sports data science. Two tracks will be organized in parallel with sufficient cross-pollination: (i) a track focused on sports scientists that want to gather more AI/data science skills, and (ii) a more hands-on track for computer scientists to apply their expertise/skills in a sports context. The Winter School is open to people coming from academia and professionals active within the sports sector.

During the first three days, BOSA participants will gain fundamental and practical skills from both disciplines (sport and data science). They will then combine/mix them in the final hackathon project in which they will intensively work together in a multidisciplinary context. The hackathon will require participants to put together the diverse skill sets they bring to the table. During the hackathon they will also be in close contact with the end users/federations that define the hackathon topics.

A man is holding a smartphone that shows graphs and variables. In the background are a woman and a man boxing.

Confirmed speakers & topics

Cédric Van Branteghem (BOIC, Team Belgium & Data), Ine Van Caekenberghe (Ghent University, Biomechanics), Tyler Bosch (Red Bull Athlete Performance Centers, Data Analytics), Stijn Corten (Zwemfed, Automating Swimming Analysis), Jan De Bruyne (KU Leuven, Sports Data Ethics, GDPR & Privacy), José Antonio Oramas Mogrovejo (Antwerp University, Explainable AI), Jan Vancompernolle (Cycling Vlaanderen, Track Cycling Analysis), Dietrich Heiser (i-Ludus, implementation in clubs/teams), Dirk Vissers (Antwerp University, Sports Physiology), Jan Boone (Ghent University, PACE), Benedikt Fasel (Archinisis, Wearable Sports Performance Analysis), Nico Van de Weghe (Ghent University, geoAI), Tim Verdonck (Antwerp University, Data Science), Xan Allaerts (Sneeuwsport Vlaanderen, Ski monitoring), Ann Wauters (Chicago Sky, the role of Data in elite female basketball).

Organizing committee

Steven Verstockt (Ghent University – imec, IDLab), Leonid Kholkine (University of Antwerp – imec,IDLab), Femke De Backere (Vlaamse AI Academie, VAIA), Bart Nonneman (University of Antwerp – imec, IDLab), Robbe Decorte (Ghent University – imec, IDLab), Maarten Slembrouck (Ghent University – imec, IDLab), Joachim Taelman (Ghent University – imec, IDLab & Sport Vlaanderen).

The IDLab sports data science team, the organizer of BOSA 2024 (and BOSA 2022), has a broad network and projects/research in each of the 3 sports data science pillars (performance analysis, storytelling and athlete safety) that will be studied during the winter school.


The event is SOLD OUT. Send the organizers an email in case you’d like to join the waiting list.

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