Aftermovie Victoris @ Flemish Sports Innovation Conference 2017

Presenting practical applications and supportive initiatives to a broader public

On October 17, Sport Vlaanderen organized its second Sports Innovation Conference. Sport Vlaanderen is the government agency managing many sports related topics in Flanders, the northern part of Belgium. The program consisted of a mix of keynote presentations, inspiring sessions, demo booths and much more. Of course, we fully supported this initiative from the beginning. On the event itself, we presented some of our practical applications.

  • 3Druption is a markerless motion capturing project in which 3D images are coupled to data analysis tools leading to enriched decision making data for various target groups
  • Soundbike is a technology that synchronizes music and sound with the cadence of the rider, with the objective to motivate, increase performance or adjust cycling styles
  • Sportkompas is a methodology to advise children, their parents, PE teachers, coaches, etc. about which sports match best with the child´s natural talents, also taking into account with children like to do
  • GetFit2Sport is a project in which general injury prevention strategies are implemented within the Flanders sports community, with the ultimate goal to increase motivation and compliance and ultimately reduce the amount of injuries in various settings
  • CONAMO is an IMEC-ICON project in which various companies and research groups develop, a real-time data-driven cycling experience.

In addition, a new running application called ‘Runamic’ was presented by Prof Steven Verstockt. Runamic creates running routes combining personal preferences and (open) city data such as relevant points of interest, public lightening information, quality of ground data, etc.

In addition, the results of a large questionnaire on the use of sports technology in Flemish recreational running and cycling enthusiasts was presented by Dr. Jeroen Stragier (a sports and movement tech PhD in the group of living lab researcher Prof Lieven De Marez).

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