Becoming an Olympian in Sports Analytics

It is our pleasure to announce the first edition of the Becoming an Olympian in Sports Analytics summer school happening in Antwerp, Belgium from the 5th to the 9th of September 2022. The summer school is a practical course that brings together sports and data scientists to learn and discuss how to harness the power of data in sports. 

The course is organised by ​IDLab (a joint research initiative between the University of Antwerp, Ghent University and imec) and it is supported by the Sport Vlaanderen (the Flemish Sports agency) and VAIA (Flanders AI Academy). 

What’s the goal?

  • Build knowledge by bridging the gap between sports science, computer science and the sports industry.
  • Create an international network of researchers and practitioners in advanced sports analytics that opens up opportunities for cross-pollination between the two fields.

Anyone with experience in either sports and a strong interest in Machine Learning or experience in Machine Learning and a strong interest in sports is welcome to ‘become an olympian’. PhD students, researchers and professionals working at the intersections of both fields are encouraged to apply. The participants need to know the basics of Python before the course or to be willing to learn before the beginning of the course. 

The course will provide the right mix of theoretical lectures on important topics in sports analytics, specific use cases from several sports and a practical real-life sports data project throughout the course.

Who will be present at this event?

During the Summer School, lectures and presentations will be given by : 

  • Bernadet van Os – High Performance Manager at the Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation
  • Jesse Davis – Professor at KU Leuven
  • Luke Bornn – Professor at Simon Fraser University and Co-founder of Zelus Analytics
  • Arno Knobbe – Professor at Leiden University
  • Dirk Vissers – Professor at the University of Antwerp
  • Jan Boone – Professor at the University of Ghent
  • Stephan van der Zwaard – Assistant Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Steven Latré – Professor at the University of Antwerp
  • Steven Verstockt – Professor at the University of Ghent
  • Tim Verdonck – Professor at the Univesity of Antwerp
  • Arne Jaspers – Sport Scientist at the Royal Belgian Football Association 
  • Arie-Willem de Leeuw – Senior Researcher in Sports Analytics at the University of Antwerp
  • Maarten Slembrouck – Senior Researcher in Sports Analytics at the University of Ghent
  • Jules Talloen – Machine Learning Engineer at ML6
  • Jelle de Bock – Researcher in Sports Analytics at the University of Ghent
  • Leonid Kholkine – Researcher in Sports Analytics at the University of Antwerp


The applications are open until the 15th of June and will be accepted on a rolling basis. The fee for the school is 250€ including lunches, coffee breaks, lectures, reception and a sports social activity. We encourage anyone interested to apply as soon as possible, as the number of places is limited.

More information about the Summer School and how to apply for this course can be found here:

Want to add another Sports Tech event to your trip to Belgium?

The Sports Tech Research & Innovation Summit will bring together an exclusive group of open-minded academics, science-driven startup & industry professionals, and experienced field practitioners. The 2-day event will (also) try to fill in some gaps in the global ecosystem, regarding translational aspects in sports science and technology for health and performance related purposes. 

What’s the goal of the Summit?

The goal of the STRN Summit in a nutshell is to offer high quality content, time efficient networking and value creation activities!

  • It’s a highly multidisciplinary event! Instead of only looking at what happens in a particular area, the event will mainly be focusing on what can be learned from OTHER complementary disciplines and fields.
  • It wil be process oriented. We’ll not only be dealing with detailed research findings, business development activities or practical implementation strategies, but with the FULL research & innovation PROCESS.
  • And we want to work purpose driven by gathering people and organizations with similar end-goals in mind: learning how to create real-life IMPACT for people with the help of science & technology.

The event will bring a mix of well-prepared panel discussions, inspiring keynotes and interactive breakout sessions on a variety of sports & health related topics. Throughout the event, enough time will be foreseen for group discussions and 1 on 1 conversations. Our social activities will provide more informal moments of interaction between participants. Finally, a VIP dinner will be offered at the end of the 2-day Summit. Take a look at the full program.

Get your ticket now!

Hope to see you at one or both of the Sports Tech events! Contact Kristof if you have any questions about the STRN Summit, contact Steven Verstockt if you have any questions about Becoming an Olympian in Sports Analytics!

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