Welcome in the Victoris team, Prof. Christophe Ley!

Victoris, the sports innovation consortium at Ghent University, strengthens its team of experts with another member, Professor of Statistics, Christophe Ley from the Department of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics.

I’m happy to have Prof. Ley on board as he brings relevant expertise to the group, for sure in relation to the movement and sports sciences and the physical therapy departments.

Victoris Business Developer Kristof De Mey

Victoris represents more than 40 researchers active in a diversity of sport topics, enabling a multidisciplinary approach to various challenges. The final goal of each member of the consortium is to support athletes in the best possible way by creating products & services based on science. 

Who is Christophe Ley?

Prof. Ley’s original research field is mathematical statistics, more precisely the development of new methodology to deal with the increasingly complex modern data sets. His research spans over inter-disciplinary areas, where he is particularly interested in sports statistics/analytics, data science, psychological, financial and meteorological applications. 

For instance, in sport statistics he is developing improved ranking and prediction methods in football and table tennis. In addition, Prof. Ley started an international network last year named S-TRAINING. The main idea of this interdisciplinary network is to develop the complementary “Data Science and Sport Science” field, aimed at facilitating collaborations between data scientists, sport scientists and the world of sports. With monthly webinars they try to bring value to this new community. Also, in the context of sports and data science, have a look at his most recent publication about machine learning methods in sport injury prediction and prevention here.

I’m happy to join our universities’ innovation consortium, as I’d like to step in new multi-disciplinary collaborations and create a relevant impact in the various sub-domains of sport.

Prof. Christophe Ley

For both the research on data-driven ranking of football teams and the launch and maintenance of the new network, Professor Ley received help from Hans Van Eetvelde. Hans is a teaching assistant and PhD student at Ghent University. He conducts research in the field of sports statistics and is an expert in statistical programming. For those who want to learn more about him and his work, feel free to read his most recent publication about evaluating one-shot tournament predictions here

Christophe Ley has written 1 book (‘Modern Directional Statistics’), edited 2 books (including ‘Science Meets Sports: When Statistics Are More Than Numbers’), published 70 papers and 4 contributions to encyclopedias, given 100 talks at seminars, conferences and workshops, and organized 14 scientific conferences and a summer school during 6 years. You can find all of his accomplishments on his personal website

Within the context of Victoris, we’ll not only focus only on new scientific insights, but also on smart strategies to help companies, teams and other organizations in creating more high quality and effective solutions.

Kristof De Mey

Do you want to reach out to Prof. Christophe Ley or Hans Van Eetvelde? Get in touch with them through email (ChristopheHans) or through our contact form!

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