Validating sports tech for the Olympics

This last weekend the Rio Olympics kicked off with all the glitz that we’ve come to expect from Olympic opening ceremonies as each of the 207 countries paraded their own unique culture for the world to see. The celebration and joy that shone on each athlete’s face masked the underlying, singular goal each one of them has: to bring home the gold.

Athletes in the Olympics, and otherwise, are increasingly able to rely on the power of technology to train and execute at a much higher level than ever before. In many ways, professional sports have been pushing the health tech revolution forward for years.

Before Rio had built up its stadiums and began preparation for the Olympics, professional sports teams and venture funds have been pouring money into making athletes perform at their peak. Teams and athletes are moving well past traditional “activity” trackers to get smarter about how they train and play.

Unfortunately, not all of these technologies have the scientific proof that they should.

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