Sensors are taking over sports

Running, Tennis, Fencing and Swimming. What do these sports have in common? Sensors.

In fast-growing numbers, athletes and health-conscious individuals are monitoring the physical parameters of their bodies or immediate environment by wearing wristbands, watches, headbands, necklaces, ankle bracelets, skin patches, belts and other fitness accessories – all of which include miniature, low-power sensors. As a result of this trend, TE Connectivity is applying its sensor technologies in new ways to help people track, measure, and analyze data while participating in everyday sporting activities such as running, swimming, fencing and tennis, as well as many other activities in our daily lives.

Whether it’s an altimeter built into a wearable band to measure how many steps we climb, or a sports watch charting the ascent up one of the world’s highest mountain peaks, miniature sensors are used to convey critical information in our daily lives. Sensors can be designed into numerous sports equipment such as: tennis rackets, golf clubs, golf balls, skis, football helmets, hockey helmets, vests/apparel, track shoes/running shoes, as well as horse racing saddles and racing cars and boats.

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